KnowDi: Taking Complete Health Care Online for a Better Experience

Do you get restive after calling the doctors clinic or at the hospital for appointment again and again? Alternatively, does finding medical files before a doctor's visit gets painful? If you have been experiencing such issues, then it is time you visit KnowDi. It is your next-door healthcare partner. Ushering an era of new age medical care, we make finding doctors, medicines, hospitals and diagnostic centres a click away. We understand that falling sick is not a nice feeling and try to be your support system during such testing hours. You can simply browse or download the application on your smartphone and have access to the best and complete medical solution on-the-go. At KnowDi, you can rely for

Finding Doctors:

Need to find a specialist near your home or workplace? You can type the area and specialisation and search easily on your laptop or smartphone. We have an extensive database of the most qualified and reliable doctors in your city. You can search from over 100,000 specialists and give yourself the best treatment. Forget about calling multiple doctors and hospitals? Instead, just do KnowDi and book a doctor's appointment easily. We can also facilitate online doctor consultation.

Get Medical Records:

Once you have the doctor appointment, you start hunting for your previous medical records. Well, that too is taken care by KnowDi. You can access your medical records on the KnowDi application easily anytime, anywhere. So, maintaining multiple files and getting into the hassle of digging them will be history when you start using KnowDi.

Medicines & Diagnostics, A Click Away:

After consulting the specialist, if you need medicines you can order that through KnowDi. Upload the prescription and get the medicine quickly from online pharmacies near you. Find over 100,000 healthcare products and medicines on KnowDi. Other than uploading the prescription, there is also a search bar in which you can type the medicine name and get the medicine. If the doctor advices you for further investigation, then order lab tests online. At KnowDi, we will find the best diagnostic labs near you and book your test. The detailed test reports will get shared with you on the KnowDi application. So, you don't need to carry the test reports for your follow up check-up.

Find Hospitals:

In the event of an emergency, you can quickly search for the best hospital near you on KnowDi and get or give the best treatment at the earliest. Besides, if you are looking for a hospital by speciality, then that too is possible on KnowDi. You can type the location and search by hospitals or speciality hospital near me and get an exhaustive list. Taking healthcare to the next level, KnowDi is making the best treatment accessible and possible. We understand the significance of the first treatment that you get and are designing things accordingly. You don't need to worry about finding doctors, hospitals, medicines, diagnostic centres or medical records, we are your reliable and complete medical services partner. Focus on your health concern or that of your dear one and we will facilitate the rest.