Tips to Buy Medicines Online

With the increasing smartphone users and internet penetration, the e-world is bringing a revolution in every industry and vertical. This change is highly visible in the Indian pharmacy space too. According to an EY report, the e-pharma market will reach $2.7 billion by 2023 from the existing $360 million. This rise is also attributed to the increasing chronic diseases in India, rising per capita income and easiness of buying medicines online. After you consult a doctor, you can come home and buy meds online at ease and have them delivered. Isn't this a luxury in real sense? However, this luxury can come at a cost if you don't get the medicines from the right source. So, KnowDi, a leading medicine supplier in Bangalore, shares with you some vital tips when buying drugs online.

#Valid Prescription, A Must:

When you buy medicines online, you should check if there is the option of uploading the prescription on the website or application. If the pharmacy asks for a prescription, then mostly it will be a genuine one selling quality medicines.

#License, A Must:

A pharmacy needs to be accredited with a license to sell drugs. So, before you go ahead and buy medicines online, you must check for the license. This licensing of the shop usually certifies that the pharmacy has the rights to sell drugs and deliver it in your residing state.

#Pharmacies Question, A Must:

All best online pharmacy stores must have a qualified pharmacist. You should be able to ask them any questions that are there on your mind. It is also a sign of a genuine pharmacy.

#No, Foreign Websites:
In the online space, you will find e-pharmacies selling you medicines from any part of the globe. However, the authenticity of such a seller is always doubtful. The dosage and drug information may vary from country to country. Thereby, it is ideal if you buy drugs from the country in which you live. Besides, at a later stage, you might face delivery concerns too.

#No, Unsure Medication:
If you are not sure about medicine, you should never buy it online or offline. You must return to the doctor or call and clarify. Over the counter medications are serious drugs, and they have health implications. Taking them lightly can be dangerous for your health. So, don't buy unsure medicines.

#No, Offers on Medication:

If you are getting many offers on medication on an e-pharmacy site, then it is best to avoid. There can be sellers providing you with counterfeit medicines at a discounted price or without a prescription. So, you should not get trapped when you buy medicine online.

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